About Us

About Opportunity Resources

Background and Mission

Opportunity Resources pioneered professional recruitment in the cultural field 30 years ago, when we recognized that the previous mode of filling positions by word of mouth and referrals from outside the field was producing mixed results. We knew that the cultural world needed the caliber of leaders that only professionalizing the hiring process could bring.

Our foundational commitment to placing distinguished leadership in the non‑profit cultural field continues to set us apart from large firms that work in a transactional manner. Because we are not volume‑driven, we purposely remain small and work on a limited number of searches at one time.

We enjoy high engagement with our clients, focusing our attention on thoroughly understanding your organization’s uniqueness and its mission, challenges, aspirations and culture. Our model is geared to finding and recruiting the exceptional individual who will match your needs and ensure your organization’s growth, relevance and sustainability.

We are agile, open, and excellent listeners. Our comprehensive and consultative approach to executive search, our unmatched scope of knowledge and connections in the field and personalized attention have been our firm’s hallmarks. Our recruiting success is demonstrated by the accomplishments of the person hired throughout her or his tenure.

Our Values

We believe that strong values are the foundation of every endeavor. Our actions are driven with a sense of integrity, discretion, fairness and commitment to excellence. We strive to ensure that our work makes a difference and will contribute to the success of our clients, and we believe that our search firm offers the best in the field. We endeavor to exceed —not just meet—expectations.

Our Insights

We are fully immersed in the not-for-profit cultural sector. Whether we’re participating at conferences, speaking on panels or connecting with clients, old and new, we are attuned to industry issues and overall cultural and business trends. We bring our in-depth knowledge and added-value insights to our quest to solve our clients’ needs. Ongoing involvement with professional associations and discussions with trustees and key performers keep us attuned to current challenges and how they are addressed. We stay abreast of changes in hiring practices and the legal ramifications for the non profit field and the search industry. Our insights and expertise underpin our services to our clients and search approach.