Search Process

Our Services, Approach and Process

Executive Search

Opportunity Resources  was founded to fill a particular niche by professionalizing how key positions were filled by non-profit cultural organizations. We understood that only with the right leadership would they grow and prosper in a competitive and evolving field. The right candidate can have a measurable impact on the organization. We had the experience and knowledge to provide the superior leadership teams cultural institutions needed. Over the years we have refined and perfected our executive search practice, filled hundreds of top positions and built a reputation we can be proud of.

We are proactive recruiters and know where to find the talented individuals who may or may not be considering a change. Our relentless sourcing of our hundreds of contacts and searching our database with information on thousands of professionals leads us to candidates not found otherwise. We interview and thoroughly vet prospects before selecting a slate of four to six qualified and vetted candidates for our client organization to interview. And we provide administrative support and guidance throughout the interview process, offer and transition of the new leader to her/his new organization.

Adding to recruiting for CEO/Director positions, at the request of our clients, we are retained to fill positions of Chief Curators, Deputy Directors and other senior level positions. We maintain and value on-going relationships with our client organizations’ trustees and the candidates we have placed.

Our Search Methodology

Growth and success don’t happen in a vacuum. The key to your organization’s success is a talented, knowledgeable and experienced leader. Our search process, developed and refined over 30 years, is comprehensive, disciplined and designed to find and provide you with candidates who have the specific strengths and attributes your organization needs to fulfill its goals and aspirations.

1. Organizational Analysis / Needs Assessment / Position Description

We start with an on-site, in-depth study to learn about your organization’s mission, structure, goals, culture and needs. We work closely with the Search Committee and interview stakeholders and staff to define the position’s responsibilities, the one‑ to three‑year expectations of the new executive, and the required core competencies and personal characteristics of the successful candidate. We formulate the position description based on the findings of the on-site study.

2. Recruitment

We create a target list from our database, source our extensive network of contacts and invite nominations, and engage in active recruitment. Our 30 years of satisfied clients and successfully placed leaders opens doors to potential candidates who may not be looking for a change.

3. Screening / Evaluation

Qualified prospects are rigorously screened. Preliminary references and academic credentials are checked. We interview each promising individual and delve into their background to assess their professional qualifications in relation to the position and their cultural fit with the organization.

4. Candidate Presentation

Detailed profiles of the most qualified candidates who fit the quantitative and qualitative requirements of the position are presented to the Search Committee. A written report is provided on each candidate outlining salary expectations, career highlights, availability and supplemental information that will help our client select the individuals they wish to interview.

5. Client Interviews

We provide guidance and support throughout the interview process, participate in the interviews as needed, and assist in selecting the finalist(s). We will also provide support in coordinating candidate travel and scheduling meetings.

6. Selection and Vetting of Final Candidate(s)

360‑degree reference checking is conducted on the final candidate. This process includes employers, peers and direct reports. Members of the Search Committee participate in referencing the finalist. Personality evaluations and criminal and financial checks may be arranged as well.

7. Offer

We assist in the offer negotiations as needed. We will also assist the candidates in transitioning to their new position. At that time all the applicants for the position will be notified of the results of the search.

8. Communication

Our process is focused, transparent and collaborative. We communicate frequently with the Search Committee and Board concerning its status of the search.

9. Guarantee

If, within an agreed-upon initial period of employment, the candidate selected is terminated, we will re-do the search for expenses only.