Why Choose Us

Why Choose Opportunity Resources?

Our track record of placing outstanding leaders at hundreds of cultural organizations of every discipline is unparalleled. We are highly connected, with an expansive reach into local, national and international networks. Our completion rate is 99.9%; we are recognized for our excellent history of finding the right individual with the right experience and fit for each client. We combine deep industry and functional knowledge, and with a proven executive search process, we will find leaders who best fit your organization.

Why Choose Us?

  • We work closely with our client to learn about the organization's culture, challenges and aspirations.
  • Our approach to each search is comprehensive, focused, thoughtful and strategic.
  • We are active participants in the field and know who the achievers are.
  • We are highly connected with an expansive reach; our state‑of‑the‑art database holds more than 7,000 profiles of experienced professionals.
  • We do exhaustive sourcing and we recruit widely, including those that are not looking for another opportunity.
  • We do 360‑degree reference checking and we are experienced and skilled at vetting candidates for cultural fit and personal characteristics that may enhance or impede their on‑the‑job success.
  • We have many repeat clients as evidence of their satisfaction with our work.
  • We are collaborative, accountable and respectful of our clients and candidates. We strive to exceed, not just meet, expectations.
  • Guarantee of Placement: If during the first eighteen months of employment the candidate selected is terminated for cause, we will re-do the entire search or necessary part of the search to replace the hired candidate for overhead and out-of-pocket expenses only.
  • “Hands Off” Policy: The longevity of our placements is important to our client relationships and our commitment not to solicit the placed candidate is the best in the industry.