This multi-faceted community treasure, owned by the City of Richmond and managed by a private foundation, needed to replace the Executive Director. The successful candidate had to have an understanding of the issues and challenges associated with a public/private organization, be an excellent fundraiser, provide vision through a new strategic plan, as well as be a well-rounded manager of staff, budgets and resources.


Maymont has many varied collections including art and  history, gardens, a nature center and a wildlife exhibit. Opportunity Resources’ experience in searches in all of these disciplines provided an extensive network of contacts across these fields. We looked for someone with many interests, but with a strong background in historic properties, excellent people skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We identified Norman Burns. Norman had the experience we were looking for plus a personal demeanor that would fit well with Maymont and its constituencies. He came from Belle Meade Plantation, which had been part of a 100-year-old 5,400-acre thoroughbred farm. The Belle Meade site included a mansion, a Victorian carriage house and stables, slave quarters and other buildings.

Since he arrived at Maymont five years ago Norman’s outstanding work has earned the high respect of the local community.