Selected Testimonials

Selected Testimonials

Jack Becker, Patron of Danforth Art Museum at Framingham State University, Massachusetts:
"I have obviously heard a lot about you and the work your firm did for The Danforth. I would rate that search an incredible success. Debra is amazing. She quickly transformed Danforth and then was a key player in the very complicated but successful transition to Framingham State. Thank you for your role in making that all happen."

Mike Eikenberry, Chair, Search Committee for Executive Director, Auburn Cord Desenberg Automobile Museum, Indiana:
"Our long time Executive Director was ready to retire and she had replaced a long time Executive Director so executing an external job search and hire was
more than we wanted to tackle without professional help. The first step was finding that professional that could understand all our needs by first understanding the history of the Auburn Cord Desenberg Automobile Museum, the nature of the market we are located in and the existing staff while staying within our budget expectations. Opportunity Resources proved to be the right fit.
They were experts in the museum world.
Through their visitation and exploration approach they quickly became tuned into the Museum, community, staff and financial limitations.
They worked very well with our search committee, providing a number of qualified candidates.
Our new executive director has really settled in and has exhibited all of leadership talents we were hoping for.
The most powerful recognition of Opportunity Resources is if the need arose we would use them again."

Bob Puterbaugh, Former President and Member of the Board of Trustees; Chair, Search Committee for Executive Director, Polk Museum of Art, Florida:
"Having used Opportunity Resources on multiple occasions, I cannot over-state their value to a museum searching for top-notch executives. Freda and her team will expertly guide you through the entire search process with the end result being the hiring of an outstanding executive for your organization. Opportunity Resources is the 'gold standard' of search firms."

Valerie Pechenik, Director of Human Resources (retired), Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, California:
"In my lengthy career, I have worked with many recruitment firms and consider Opportunity Resources to be at the top of the list. The sensitivity, creativity, ingenuity, and patience which Freda and Nancy demonstrated were exceptional. They are intimately connected in the museum world and their networks are remarkable. They quickly understood our unique organization and needs, and when we demanded candidates 'outside of the box,' they truly delivered. The final candidates were all stellar; our challenge was in narrowing the field. Their interactions with our board, staff, and the candidates were all extremely professional but also very positive and warm. It was a pleasure for me to interact with both recruiters as well as Linda, the office manager, who kept everything on track. The responsiveness, follow through, and intelligence with which they handled the search were of the highest caliber. Their wonderful senses of humor and genuine caring about the outcome are characteristics which are not always easy to find in recruiters.  I most highly recommend."

Karen Graham, Director of Operations & Human Resources, Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire:
"We couldn’t be more thrilled, and want to thank you so much for bringing us together with our excellent new director, Alan Chong.  Great work all of you at Opportunity Resources!”

Dr. David O. Robbins, Homer C. Lucas University Professor of Psychology and Former Provost, Ohio Wesleyan University; Chair, Search Committee for Executive Director, New York Arts Program of Ohio Wesleyan University, New York City:
"Freda, I think of you and Nancy often and what a great job you did for Ohio Wesleyan University in putting together an unbelievable group of qualified candidates for the New York Arts Program directorship. I’ve shared this opinion with everyone that I know who might be conducting a search for the type of candidates you recruit. You guided us through an unfamiliar process and we ended up with a superb director."

Richard Moe, President Emeritus of the National Trust for Historic Preservation; Chair, Search Committee for Executive Director, President Lincoln's Summer Cottage, Washington, DC; Chair, Search Committee for Executive Director, Historic St. Mary's City, Maryland:
"Freda and her team at Opportunity Resources provided a thorough and disciplined approach on two director searches that I chaired. They brought professionalism, insight and creativity to the search process. We were presented with an excellent slate of candidates and it was a pleasure working with the firm."

Dr. William Tramposch, Executive Director, Nantucket Historical Association, Massachusetts:
"Freda remembered a conversation we had had at some annual meeting about the kind of job I would be interested in getting, and followed up three years later to tell me about the opening at Nantucket. I applied; was selected; and have enjoyed thoroughly my last ten years in a splendid position. She is an excellent professional matchmaker!"

Josephine Ayers, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Anniston Museum of Natural History; Chair, Search Committee for Director, Anniston Museum Complex, Alabama:
"I am grateful for the fruitful relationship we established during the search process and believe we easily achieved a level of understanding which led to two excellent candidates in the end. Alan [Robison] will be just what we need ... Freda, Nancy and Linda: thank you for your friendly diligence! I look forward to seeing you when I am next in New York to bring you up to date."

Michael Hammond, PhD, Executive Director, Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, Palm Springs, California:
"Twice in my career, I have worked with Opportunity Resources: once when I was a candidate seeking a position and the other time when I needed to fill a position. Both of my experiences were excellent. Opportunity Resources’ main objective was to satisfy the requirements of the employer while at the same time pleasing the candidate and the employer. This meant that they carefully screened both and kept both parties informed with honesty and with candor. Client and candidate knew each other's strengths and challenges.

"After attempting to fill a position and being dissatisfied with the candidate pool, I contacted Opportunity Resources. Through their efforts, not only did I have a larger and better pool of candidates, but they were well vetted by Opportunity Resources. Freda’s team is professional, insightful, and thorough. They got the job done."

Maynard Crossland, President/CEO, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky:
"Opportunity Resources makes the process of recruitment very gratifying for their clients. Their professional, confidential approach gives candidates security in knowing that the process is designed to find quality candidates who fit the prospective employer's requirements while respecting needs for privacy and timing. As a candidate who was recruited by Opportunity Resources I was impressed with their ability to quickly work through the process for a successful match for both me as a candidate and the organization that had retained their services."

Ann E. Thomas, Consultant to Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, West Hartford, Connecticut:
"It's hard to believe that December 2008 will mark Katherine Kane's 10th anniversary at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center.  I have continued to work with nonprofit organizations in transition over the years.  So far, I still consider the Stowe Center transition to be the most successful one with which I have been involved!  Working with you was definitely a big part of what made it so successful."