Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky


Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky is a treasured restoration and living history site on 3,000 acres located 25 miles outside Lexington. The Village faced many of the same challenges confronting living history museums and historic restorations throughout the United States. The Village was being run on a tight budget that precluded exploring new sources of revenue and more adventurous programming.

The Board knew that for the Village to be financially viable, it had to attract new audiences. Therefore, in addition to the management and revenue-generating skills required to oversee and grow the $4.5 million operating budget and staff of 160, the Village’s new leader would need the vision to bring a fresh and innovative point of view. An expansive new program was required to optimally utilize Shaker Village’s natural attributes and acreage, attract new visitors and enrich their experience.


Opportunity Resources’ leading candidate, Maynard Crossland, the former Director/CEO of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA) headquartered in Springfield, IL, was selected by the Search Committee and confirmed by the Board. At IHPA, he had managed an operating budget of $20 million, a staff of over 200 and 60 historical sites and monuments.  Maynard had supervised the construction and operation of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, also in Springfield.  Most recently Maynard had served as a consultant with non-profits and communities throughout Illinois on historic preservation and development.

Maynard and the Board are pleased that he hit the ground running, and Maynard is already a great asset to the Village.